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Black Sulemani

One of the most powerful protection stone specially for people who are spiritually awakened. it provides its wearer internal strength and protects from pyshic attacks, negative energies aand harmful vibrations.

Clarity on GO

Clear Quartz crystal helps in bringing clarity in your things, it helps to remove confusions bring more focused energy. it also removes blockages and helps you stay clear minded & focused.

Dragon Bracelet

Encarved with Om Mani Padme Namah mantra with double golden dragon. Brings luck, Money, Prosperity, and Success.

Laziness Eraser

Carnelain crystal works on sacral chakra, helps in kicking out laziness from your body nd brings iin energy. also helps in dealing with hormonal issues,strengthen mars energy and helps to bring your plans in actions.

Money Mixel

The combination of three powerful crystal Citrine, Pyrite & Green Aventurine. Citrine helps in attracting opportunities and works on your solar plexus chakra. Pyrite helps in a saving money. Green aventurine helps in bringing luck and giving a stable income.

Negativity Diffuser

Smokey Quartz stone which helps in diffusing negative thoughts, fear, patterns, anxiety, panic attacks, also remove any kind of evil eye from your aura.

Peace with Amethyst

amethyst helps in relieving stress and brings in harmony and peace. it also helps in dealing wih insomnia issues, reduces headache, breathing issues and helps with meditation.

Rose Quartz

The Crystal of Unconditional Love. It also helps in Balancing Heart Chakra, helps in healing heart Breaks & attracting ;ove in your life.

Soulmate mixel

The powerful combination of Rose Quartz and Amwthyst. Helps in attracting soulmate, bringing more peace, harmony and love in your life. It also helps in healing relationship enhancing more love in your relationship.