Rudra Ratna is a one-stop E-Shop for all your Spiritual needs.

We offer hand picked, highly energized, light coded crystals and gems like bracelets, bracelet combinations, gemstones, crystal trees, feng shui products, crystal japa malas and much more. In simple words we offer magic for you, your business and your home.

Our founder, Shivi Agarwal works with fusion of science and spirituality. From childhood itself she has always been attracted towards working of gemstones and crystals. According to her, the Universe works on Vibration & Frequency. She believes When you align with the right frequency things fall in place. These crystals and gemstones we offer are specially energized with the right frequency to help you achieve your goals.

Her knowledge about crystals & energy work comes from her experience. She has worked with each stone to see how it can affect your vibration frequency. She has researched various gemstones, crystals, crystals combination their sources to bring you the best. She has a unique understanding about light work, vibration frequency and crystals. She feels that most of the problems you face in your life are because of your blocked energy centers or chakra and by wearing the right frequency crystals you can align with the right frequency and achieve your goals.

We are committed to provide authentic handpicked crystals with all the love which helps you to align with the right frequency and gives you magical

Your journey of experiencing happiness begins here!
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